The best UX design blogs for beginners

The best UX
design blogs for beginners

December 29, 2021
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These blogs are ideal for gaining a solid introduction to the field and for learning about key UX design processes and principles.

XD Ideas

Powered by Adobe XD, XD Ideas is a relatively new addition to the UX blogosphere. It was launched specifically to appeal to a beginner audience, and is quickly growing into an all-encompassing UX hub.

The blog is divided into logical sections, making it easy to find what you’re looking for—including handy guides for learning the basics, key design concepts and principles, and beginner-friendly career tips.

Just like UX Planet, XD Ideas has a good variety of expert contributors, so you’ll benefit from a range of different voices and perspectives.

UX Planet

UX Planet is branded as a “one-stop resource for everything related to user experience”, offering everything from beginner’s guides and career advice to thought leadership articles.

If you’re just starting out in UX, head to the UX for beginners section where you’ll find all sorts of introductory content to ease you in—including a UX primer for non-designers.

The great thing about UX Planet is that it has a diverse range of contributors who have entered into UX from a variety of different backgrounds.

So, on top of the usual guides and how-tos, you’ll also find words of advice, encouragement, and plenty of “real talk” about what it means to start a career in UX.

The Nielsen Norman Group

The Nielsen Norman Group was founded by Jakob Nielsen and Don Norman, who are both widely recognized as gurus in the UX field. In fact, Don Norman is credited with having coined the term “user experience” back in the 90s.

The “articles” section of the Nielsen Norman Group website provides an overview of all the key topics you’ll need to read up on if you want to work in UX, and while it might not be the most eye-catching blog out there, you can be sure that the content is both comprehensive and credible.

You’ll find clear, no-frills explanations of key UX techniques and tools, as well as coverage of important topics such as accessibility in design, web usability, and the psychology behind UX.

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